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We remind society about the intrinsic value of each person. Through education

we inspire people to build a culture of life

in the world around them


Edmonton Prolife

Informing Minds and Inspiring Hearts...Educating for Life


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For Crisis Pregnancy Centres in                         Alberta

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What is Pro-Life?


Edmonton Pro-life is the local pro-life educational group for Edmonton and surrounding areas. Within these pages, you will find plenty of information on life issues, links to other pro-life groups, and ways for you to become better informed about the Life Issues and how to become involved in pro-life work.





What is abortion?

An abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that terminates a pregnancy. 

Pregnant means “having a child or young developing in the uterus” (Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English). Therefore terminating a pregnancy means terminating the child developing inside the uterus (womb).


Abortion can be chosen as a matter of “convenience”, but is also very often influenced by negligence in the care and support which should be given to pregnant women.


There are alternatives to abortion which can help meet the needs and concerns of women and preserve the life of the child.

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What is Euthanasia?


Euthanasia is an act or omission of an act that is done to directly  and intentionally  cause the death of  another person to end suffering. Euthanasia is a form of homicide that is usually done by lethal injection.


Assisted  suicide occurs when  one person  aids, counsels  or encourages  another  person  to  commit suicide. Assisted suicide is usually done by prescribing a lethal dose to a person, knowing that the person intends to use the lethal dose to commit suicide


Edmonton Prolife promotes respect for all human life from conception to natural death. At one time or another in our life, all of us will have to face death, either our own, or the death of a loved one. Anyone who has been in this situation knows how difficult it is to deal with this.


Here are some resources to assist you in making life-affirming decisions in end-of-life situations.

About Us

Our Mission


Edmonton Prolife’s aims and objectives are to promote respect for all human life from conception to natural death, to uphold and defend the right to life, the basic right on which all other rights depend.


Edmonton Prolife contributes to the understanding of the people of the Greater Edmonton area, by education, that society has a duty to protect this right.


We are committed to peaceful actions to fulfill our mission

Pregnancy Choices




Post Abortion Help

Infertility Help

Pregnancy Help

Education Resources

For  Teachers

For Parents 

For Churches

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You have BETTER CHOICES than Abortion


Make the choice that’s best for you—a choice everyone can live with.


People are there to help you. So take the time and explore all resources that will enable you to make the best choice for yourself. The information found on this site will tell you about many resources available to support you and meet your practical needs during and after your pregnancy.

There are thousands of pro-life resources on the internet. This section features some of them, chosen by Edmonton Prolife as particularly informative and interesting.

Are you writing a paper, making a speech, or taking part in a debate about life issues such as cloning, euthanasia, stem cell research, and abortion?

Edmonton Prolife has all the resources you need to make your project a success.


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