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Edmonton Prolife’s aims and objectives are to promote respect for all human life from conception to natural death, to uphold and defend the right to life, the basic right on which all other rights depend.


Edmonton Prolife contributes to the understanding of the people of the Greater Edmonton area, by education, that society has a duty to protect this right. We are committed to peaceful actions to fulfill our mission


We want  to ensure that each and every human being's life is respected, valued, and protected.

Edmonton Prolife is the local pro-life educational group for Edmonton and surrounding areas. We are a registered charity.

Edmonton Prolife Society was incorporated on January 21, 1981.


  • We regularly have educational booths at conferences such as Be Ready, Missions Fest, and Homeschool conferences.

  • Edmonton Prolife does presentations in schools and churches

  • We have educational kits that teachers can borrow to teach students about fetal development and other aspects of pro-life

  • We have books, DVDs, and workshop materials available for loan

  • Pamphlets are available for distribution to the public

  • Edmonton Prolife undertakes an awareness event outside the Law courts building in Edmonton every January on the anniversary of the Morgentaler decision.

  • We have had screenings of pro-life movies and had ads placed in various areas of Edmonton

  • We hold the 40 Days for Life campaign in Edmonton (a pro-life prayer campaign) twice a year

  • We are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, sharing the pro-life message

  • Edmonton Prolife distributes a quarterly newsletter

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