A Message from The President

A Debate I’ve yet to have

There are many excellent reasons as to why we find ourselves in the Pro-Life movement. For myself, the one that stands front and center is fetal development. I recall what first led to my discovery of the abortion issue at the age of seventeen, and soon after conviction to stand opposed to the act. Someone had left a pamphlet on a bus seat that I had chanced to come across. Reading it, I was introduced for the first time as to how advanced we are in our earliest moments. I learnt facts such as how the heart begins to beat on the 18th day after fertilization, how the eyes, ears and tongue are present by the 28th day and how clearly detectable brainwaves are present by the 42nd day. Knowledge acquired later in life including in my first degree in genetics continued to add to the understanding of how advanced we are physically before we cross over the divide which separates us from preborn and born. For example, my favorite “fetal development trivia” point is that the time of your life where you possessed the most brain cells was as a seven month old fetus. A compelling image to observe is when fertilization occurs and one of the host of many sperm working to enter the egg succeeds in penetrating the outer membrane and the instantaneous physiological change that can be visually observed. The field of fetal development is irrefutable in its truth of showcasing when life begins at conception, and highlighting how intricate and sophisticated we are while residing in our different stages in the womb.

When a discussion as to the rights or the wrongs of the abortion question presents itself with those who hold a different view to mine, I am always eager to put forward what I consider is a central tenant that those not yet born are human just as I and as such need to be afforded the same rights and protection. I seek to interject the physical truths outlined above on fetal development into the debate to show just how human our unborn colleagues are. However, as of yet my attempts at deliberation on these facts have never been countered. Instead, at this point there has always been a moment where the other party looks uncomfortable for a brief moment, and then responds something in the fashion that “abortion is a hard decision,” and then shift the topic into other facets of the abortion subject.

There is a very good reason as to why we want this conversation and the pro-abortionists are loath to have it. And this is the sad reality. Deep down, those who oppose us ideologically know abortion takes a life. They will paper over this truth with mumblings of a clump of cells, but it is exceedingly clear as to their true understanding as illustrated when they fight tooth and nail to block abortion images, discussions on fetal pain or simply fetal development from entering the public consciousness. And this is why it is so important for us to make sure this information gets out in spite of the concerted effort in our society to keep it hidden.

Andrew Thomson

Edmonton Prolife President

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