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Hiding it from the Light does not make it Disappear. Those who wrap themselves in the Pro-Choice mantra know what they are doing, and that what they are doing is wrong. They know that abortion kills an unborn child. An inflammatory statement you say? Yes, absolutely. But one also validated by their actions. It does no good to avoid confrontation when lives are at stake. So, let’s examine further.

How do pro-abortionists deal with opposing views on the subject? If you are confident and comfortable with your position, you embrace debate. You want to show both the strengths of your position as well as the weakness of your opponent’s position. Pro-abortionists go to great lengths to avoid not just debate, but to the point of attempting to snuff out any message against abortion. To illustrate this point, the Lethbridge and District Prolife Association just finished fighting the city of Lethbridge for over two years in order to be allowed to have their messages on city advertising spaces. Edmonton Prolife is just beginning this fight against the city of Edmonton.

A weak point in establishing the premise that those who are pro-abortion know that abortion kills an unborn child you say? True, but allow me to move from building a premise to the actual heart of the matter. The act of abortion is no great mystery. There are over 100 thousand of the procedure performed in Canada each year. There are lots of videos, both ultrasound and otherwise showing the procedure. Why isn’t this the focus of the debate? If abortion was simply removing a clump of cells, why wouldn’t everyone with a pro-abortion view be clamoring to visually illustrate the fact? If it is simply a medical procedure, why wouldn’t you be proud to showcase what you are accomplishing from a physician standpoint? Does the Heart Foundation attempt to block anyone from seeing a heart bypass? Does the Canadian Cancer Society respond that excising a tumor is too gruesome and therefore should be censored from the public square? Of course not. Although it might make some squeamish, those who engage in heart or cancer surgery are proud of their medical prowess and happy to exhibit their work for all to see. Now contrast this with the abortion industry. Do you see the management of Planned Parenthood keen to stand in front of a D&X abortion procedure (where the baby is delivered feet first and the brain then sucked out from the base of the skull before it is fully delivered) to argue why the Prolife argument against them is false? Instead, why does the abortion movement do as much as it possibly can to prevent the procedure or the consequences of the procedure from being seen?

Those that call themselves Pro-Choice know the answer to that question. And why.


Andrew Thomson  President Edmonton Prolife

Andrew Thomson

Edmonton Prolife President

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