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Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

On the third Tuesday of October every year, students give up their voice for Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity


Human Life Alliance


A cool site just for teens.

Stand True
See if a Stand True rally will be in your area soon!


True Love Waits 

Help Students understand sexual purity.

Great personal testimonies and information on why waiting until marriage is better.



I want to be more involved.

But  what can One Person do?

Adopt a church and become a Church Contact!


Being a church contact

is a wonderful and extremely important way to help the work of Edmonton Prolife. Edmonton Prolife cannot possibly communicate with every Church in the Edmonton Area, so we need people who will be our advocates.

Here are a few things that you can do when you become a Church Contact for Edmonton Prolife.

1) Send us your name and contact information so that we can communicate effectively with you.

(Please note: all information is strictly confidential and Edmonton ProLife will never sell or divulge any contact information that you give to us.)

   Write us an e-mail to telling us that you would like to be a liaison and how we can get in touch with you.

2) Familiarize yourself with Our Mission and History and What we are involved in.

3) Request a church information package, which includes an introduction letter for your Pastor

4) Set up a time to meet with your pastor. It need only be a short 10 to 15 minute meeting. Inform your pastor that you will be representing Edmonton Prolife, and describe some of our activities. Give him our information.

5) Ask your pastor if the following activities would be possible at your parish or church;


   a) An educational pro-life station at the church with posters, vital statistics and contact information for Edmonton Prolife. If  your pastor agrees, contact our office and we will send you our “Prolife Equip your church package” with suitable colorful and informative items to display in your church.

   b) Ask your pastor if pro-life brochures can be placed at the back of the Church.

   c) Ask your pastor if your Church can receive our quarterly newsletter and have them placed at the back of the Church.

   d) Ask your pastor if we could let your congregation know about upcoming pro-life initiatives that Edmonton Prolife  will be hosting throughout the year by posting announcements or sharing information in the church bulletin.


Edmonton Prolife  will contact you periodically to let you know about our activities, fundraising events and other educational opportunities. These can be advertised in your Church. We will send you the advertising materials, which will usually consist of a blurb to put in your church bulletin and announced at the Sunday services (with the permission of your pastor) and a small poster. There will not be more than four events in one year.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for taking the time to consider helping Edmonton Prolife fulfill its mission!


The work of Edmonton Prolife is vital to the health and well-being of our society. Without our presence in schools, universities, adult groups and the media, there would be little opposition to the current pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia minded climate that grips our culture.

To assist our work we need the prayers of everyone, young and old. Prayer is something that we can all do. We are reminded to pray and encouraged by the well-known phrase “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened to you.”

At Edmonton Prolife we ask for your prayers. In order to help facilitate prayers for the unborn, for women and their families caught in the difficulty of abortion, for those struggling with end of life issues  and for our organization, we have created a way for you to be actively involved.

1) Send us your name and contact information so that we can communicate effectively with you. (Please note: all information is strictly confidential and Edmonton Prolife will never sell or divulge any contact information that you give to us.)

    Write to us at and tell us that you would like to be a Prayer Associate and how we can get in touch with you.

2) Familiarize yourself with Our Mission and History and What we are involved in.

3) Speak to your pastor about organizing a monthly prayer activity in your Church, local community house or even in your home.

4) Choose your prayers. 

5) Let us know when and where your prayer service is being held. We will keep a log of all prayer activities taking place.

    For prayer activities in Edmonton CLICK HERE.

6) If you would like to have your prayer activity added to our list, let us know. We will publish the list on our web-site so that others who would like to join in can find out where these activities are taking place.

7) Private prayer: Individuals who may not want to participate in an organized prayer activity can still add their prayers to our prayer log, by letting us know that they are praying for us.


We hope that you will be able to bring the message of Life to your faith community and to your families and friends by encouraging them to pray for the pro-life cause.


Purchase A Membership

Membership does have its privileges! Taking out a membership with Edmonton Prolife allows for greater communication between our pro-life organization and you, the public. You will receive our quarterly newsletters, have voting privileges at our Annual General Meetings and have the opportunity to participate in various committees, working directly with our Board of Directors to create and implement policies. Your membership gives us a stronger voice in the public forum. 


The heart of Edmonton Prolife is its members, who enable us to implement new pro-life educational initiatives, maintain existing operations and projects, and  accomplish the things we can bring back to you as good news – thousands educated annually, city-wide advertising campaigns, publications, events, and all that we do to bring our culture closer to being one that respects and protects all human life. 

Membership requires nothing but a small annual fee - for the price of a large pizza, members have a hand in all the good things EPL does for inspiring hearts, informing minds, and saving lives every year!


Please consider becoming a member of Edmonton Prolife, and encourage your family, friends, and associates to do the same.  Help us to be a voice educating for the most fundamental and ultimate human rights and social justice issue – the right of all human beings to live! 

Tax Deductible suggested Membership donations are:



Download the Membership Form  and mail to:
Edmonton Prolife

#310,6770-129 Ave

Edmonton, AB T5C 1V7


If you belong to a group consider how your organization could partner with Edmonton Prolife to work together to build a culture of Life.

We offer the following as suggestions , but please feel free to contact us if you see an opportunity for us to work together.



We try to get the pro-life message out to the public and often times it is easier to bring the message to the masses then convince the masses to come hear the message.  Could you host our organization at your event.  Could we have an informational booth?  Could we do a short presentation?  Could we have a static display at your event?  Would you like to help sponsor us financially, perhaps a specific project?  Please contact us if you feel we could work together.

Purchase a Membership
Become a church contact
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