Meet Our Volunteer

I first became pro life back in the 1970's when living in Mississauga, Ontario, and then in the 80's my wife and I joined the Mississauga Right-to-Life. We participated the local Life Chain and got our church involved and drove to Ottawa each year with our 3 girls for the March For Life in May.


At one time in 1989, I participated in blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic along with about 50 others (many were older women). We were all arrested and spent a few hours in jail for “trespassing”. The police appeared to be in sympathy with us, and the court freed us on condition that we would not return to that clinic on that day!


We moved to Alberta in 2006, and one of my daughters got us hooked up with Edmonton Pro Life, and I have been on their board ever since, serving as president for a couple of years. I am enormously proud to belong to such a worthy organization and such a worthy cause.

Phil Steele