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Purchase a Membership

Membership does have its privileges! Taking out a membership with Edmonton Prolife allows for greater communication between our prolife organization  and you, the public. You will receive our quarterly newsletters, have voting privileges at our Annual General Meetings and have the opportunity to participate in various committees, working directly with our Board of Directors to create and implement policies. Your membership gives us a stronger voice in the public forum. 


The heart of Edmonton Prolife  is its members, who enable us to implement new pro-life educational initiatives, maintain existing operations and projects, and  accomplish the things we can bring back to you as good news – thousands educated annually, city-wide advertising campaigns, publications, events, and all that we do to bring our culture closer to being one that respects and protects all human life. 

Membership requires nothing but a small annual fee - for the price of a large pizza, members have a hand in all the good things EPL does for inspiring hearts, informing minds, and saving lives every year!


Please consider becoming a member of Edmonton Prolife, and encourage your family, friends, and associates to do the same.  Help us to be a voice educating for the most fundamental and ultimate human rights and social justice issue – the right of  all human beings to live! 

Tax Deductible suggested Membership donations are:


 How do I purchase a Membership?

To purchase a membership hit the Make A Donation button on the top of the home screen, in the drop down menu click on Membership . You can renew or purchase a new membership by following the step by step instructions.

If you have any issues with this process please contact our office at (780) 425-1637

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