Edmonton Prolife Scholarship

Edmonton Prolife is an educational organization devoted to highlighting the beauty and value of life in all of its indispensable forms from conception to advanced age. As an educational organization we embrace the intrinsic truth taught by the ancient Greeks, all major religions and the world's foremost humanitarians as to the sanctity of life. We seek to encourage and reward students who are actively engaged in promoting these same humanitarian principles.


To be eligible for the Edmonton Prolife $500.00 scholarship, applicants must be:

  • ​​Enrolled in a program leading to a certificate, diploma or degree at any secular or religious Edmonton post-secondary school

  • A Canadian citizen

  • An Alberta resident for at least 12 consecutive months prior to application

  • Able to demonstrate pro-life commitment; interested individuals are invited to contact us for suggestions if they are committed to our cause but have no participation history due to the Covid lockdowns.


Consideration will be given to all students meeting the above criteria, including mature students and those registered in part time studies.

If the recipient is a graduating student, the Award will be paid upon evidence of graduation. If the recipient is a continuing student, the scholarship funds will be paid on evidence of continuing registration in the program of study.

The deadline for application is November 15 of the current year.

Application may be made by - but is not limited to - written or video submission containing any and all information the applicant wishes to have considered. At least two references must be included.


#310, 6770 - 129 Ave., Edmonton, AB T5C 1V7, Canada


Edmonton Prolife makes every effort to maintain the privacy and security of your personal data but all users should understand that our security practices, processes, or technology do not guarantee absolute security of your information.